Guarantee Provider

The provision of a guarantee fund is essential for's protection capacity. It is the basis of the system and must therefore be attractive, taking into account the risks incurred by guarantee providers. introduces an innovative guarantee provision program where participants can generate returns by investing capital in their chosen guarantee pools. To enhance provider returns, offers three strategic tools.

Liquidity defragmentation

This feature allows users to provide liquidity across multiple coverage pools with the same capital, enabling them to accumulate returns from various guarantee provided. This allows a flexible approach and maximize gains through more efficient capital.

Guarantee provided with LP token (Coming soon)

Users have the option to provide guarantees on Athena Ins using capital already invested in external protocols. This allows users to combine income received on with those generated by these other protocols or to gain a return on investment even without coverage buyers, thus reinforcing the financial viability of their participation. adopts a multifaceted approach to investment returns, considering it the most sustainable path beneficial to both liquidity providers and coverage buyers. This diversified approach solves the problem of low returns, stimulates liquidity provision and promotes a balanced ecosystem.

Customizable investment

Unlike coverage limited to a single protocol, Athena offers a user choice centric approach, allowing them to cover a fully customized basket of DeFi protocols. This approach gives users the freedom to manage their own risk, creating the first-ever self-managed coverage portfolio tool for DeFi investors.

This openness facilitates the adoption of the protocol and provides maximum flexibility to users in managing their coverage strategies, thereby strengthening the democratization of access to risk protection services in the DeFi ecosystem.

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